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August Client of the Month

Personal Training in Canberra - Canberra Fitness Centre


What made you decide to join Canberra Fitness Centre?

I purchased a living social deal and came along and tried some of the mums and bubs classes. Having not really been a gym lover in the past I was a bit hesitant in using the voucher, but really enjoyed the classes and that I could bring my little boy with me and I could see him at all times, I decided that CFC was for me!

What changes have you noticed since you started training with us?

My fitness has increased and my love of exercising has returned. But since participating in the 12 week challenge I've not only become fitter, but I've also become the strongest I have ever been. I can see muscles that I never knew existed!!!

What has been the best part of your experience at Canberra Fitness Centre so far?

Honestly the best part of my experience so far is the wonderfully supportive network of trainers and people. Friendships are formed quickly and it's such an awesome thing to be able to have workout buddies who keep you accountable and also motivated.

What would you say to anyone who is contemplating joining Canberra Fitness Centre?

Just do it! You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Come and try and you'll see that there are a huge range of classes to suit. And everyone is very welcoming and encouraging in helping you achieve your goals.

What is the biggest tip and/or tips you could give someone looking to improve their health and wellness?

Be consistent and persistent. Set achievable goals and chip away at them. Also believe in yourself. You can do more than you think you're capable of. It's an incredible feeling when you conquer something you were frightened of or didn't think you'd ever be able to.


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